Terms and Conditions

Bustoll.com is an online Bus ticket booking service provider. Bustoll website, android app and IOS app is available for Passenger / Customer to book the ticket online from where ever you are on an easy go. 

Bustoll provides you the services of bus operator details for all the routes. Bustoll does not suggest Passenger / Customer about to select any bus operators, Passenger / Customer should choose their bus operators on their own awareness and experience. Bustoll only acts as an agent to book the tickets in the convenience way from your convenient place. Bustoll make bus ticket booking easy.

Passenger / Customer of this website and Mobile App (www.bustoll.com & Bustoll android app) should read the terms and conditions clearly before booking the ticket. Bustoll website and app is only service provider and not bus operators. Our system connects you to the bus operators which makes your booking easy and quick.

Arrival and departure times are provided by bus operators only. Passenger / Customer should  double check the date and timings before booking the online ticket. 

User should choose their bus operators on their own awareness. Bustoll won’t encourage to choose any bus operators.

Once the seats are selected by the Passenger / Customer and proceeded with the payment, you can’t change the seats. User needs to cancel the online booked tickets and need to re book the tickets if they need to change the seats after payment process (User Can change the seat selection before payment process and not after the payment). Check Cancellation policy regarding ticket cancellation and refund.

Passenger / Customer needs to provide correct details of the travellers. Bustoll is not responsible if Passenger / Customer provides wrong information’s. Passenger details cannot be edited after booking the ticket. It is totally Passenger / Customer responsibility to select the required seats and to provide the valid details. 

Passenger / Customer are advised to contact the bus operators and confirm the place of boarding and bus timings, Sometimes there may be unfortunate delay occurs due to heavy traffic jam and weather conditions. 

Passenger / Customer are requested to be at the boarding point 15 minutes prior to departure time.

The ticket price, time, venues, boarding and dropping points are provided by the bus operators, Bustoll acts only as agent for bus ticket booking between Passenger / Customer and the operators and vice versa. If there are any cancellation of bus due to any bus operator reasons, Bustoll will intimate the customers/Passengers on or before 24 hrs and will refund the payment. For refund check the refund policy.

Booking is confirmed once the booking confirmation appears on the screen even if Mail / SMS not received. Contact our support team if you haven’t received SMS/Email/Ticket copy. Bustoll support team will resend the details. SMS/Email may sometimes fail due to various reasons. 

Bustoll is not responsible for any kind of luggage or Baggage loss related in travel. It is totally Customer risk or bus operators if accepted. 

Passengers are required to furnish below details when boarding, if fails passengers may not be allowed to board the bus. 

Email or SMS

E tickets and SMS are not allowed by some operators, Bustoll will notify this while booking.

In such case ticket printout need to be furnished while boarding.

Passenger / Customer needs to carry valid ID proof while travelling like Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Driving licence, Student ID card, Company ID card or any valid Identity card issued by Government.

If the Passenger / Customer started booking or registering in Bustoll website or Application, you acknowledge Bustoll that to Call / SMS / Email or send alerts to provide or to take information’s from you.

Once an online bus ticket is issued or confirmed it is not transferrable, if the ticket is presented by the non-booked passenger, Bustoll is not responsible to the person so entitled. 

If Passengers / Customers started using the Bustoll website or App, it is considered that you are accepting all the terms and conditions of company. If you are not agreed with the terms and conditions you must desist using this website / App and other service. 

By using this website you acknowledge that Bustoll is not Bus Operators or Bus Owners. Bustoll has no control with the quality and behaviour of the bus operators and passengers. 

Bustoll Responsibilities.

  • Bustoll will issue a valid bus ticket ( which will be accepted by the issued bus operator )
  • Bustoll provides support for Booking, Cancellation and refund.
  • Bustoll will provide information on any delay(s) or inconvenience caused.

Bustoll Not Responsible for.

  • Incorrect data provided by the customer while booking the online bus ticket.
  • Bus delays, Breakdowns, Cancellation of bus and accidents.
  • Baggage loss or Damage or stolen at the time of travel
  • If Operator and Co passenger misbehaves.
  • If late arrival of customer to the boarding point.
  • If operator doesn’t call you while boarding and left without picking, in case of customer phone not reachable or switched off.
  • If customer not available in the correct boarding point.
  • If Bus operators manually changes the seats in last minute to accommodate aged persons, ladies, infants or physically challenged. 
  • When boarding point changed by the operator.
  • Bus operator arranges different vehicle for pickup at boarding point to the actual bus boarding point.
  • Bus operator’s objection on carrying Pets, Fire articles.
  • If the quality of the Seats and other aspects are not up to the customers’ expectations. 
  • Bus service provider may change the departure time, arrival time, and pickup location due to any unavoidable circumstances.
  • If operator doesn’t provide facilities/Amenities mentioned while booking the bus ticket.
  • Bustoll doesn’t control the bus fares, In case of any changes in bus fair, Bustoll holds no responsibility.
  • Carrying Luggage may vary from operator to operators. Some operators allow 15 – 20 kg luggage per person. Bustoll is not responsible for over luggage taken by the customer while travelling. Customers should check with the bus service provider in case of excess luggage.

In case of transaction Failure

  • Transaction may be failed due to several reasons. If the payment is debited and the transaction is failed. We request customer to call our support before making another new transaction.
  • In this cases, transaction amount will be refunded back to customer, please read the refund policy for further information’s.
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